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  • Step 1The Dough

    Rolled and hand tossed to perfection.

  • Step 2Press It In

    First we butter it up. Then carefully press the dough into our famous deep dish pan.

  • Step 3Ingredients

    Layered to perfection in preparation of a soufflé-like sensation.

  • Step 4Oh, The Cheese

    Two heaping, handfuls of freshly shredded mozzarella bliss.

  • Step 5Layer of Love

    One more layer of thin, handcrafted dough to create a flaky top that locks in the delicousness of your favorite ingredients

  • Step 6Flavor Seal

    Crimp the edges to seal in the flavor. Just like grandma's homemade pie.

  • Step 7Sauce it Up

    Topped with delicious, freshly made tomato sauce and an extra touch of parmesan cheese.

  • Step 8Bake it Up

    Then it's into our special, rotating oven, where it's baked to a golden brown perfection. All good things take time…Please be patient.

  • Step 9Slice & Serve

    Cut up into individual servings of joy.

  • Step 10Enjoy!

    Share, devour, repeat often.

Wisconsin Mozzarella

Our signature Mozzarella cheese is specially produced for Giordano’s by skilled Wisconsin cheese makers using only the very best milk from hard working, local farmers. It is aged to perfection and freshly shredded in house every day to ensure that rich, creamy, buttery flavor and the legendary Giordano’s melt.


Giordano’s uses only the finest tomatoes in its pizza sauce, which is freshly prepared each day in house. These special tomatoes are exclusively grown in a small area in Northern California, Mendocino County, renowned for producing some of the best tomatoes in the world. They are nurtured by local farmers and carefully picked at just the right time to ensure they produce only the best tasting pizza sauce possible.