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Planning a party or special event?

Event planning can be a real hassle. With lots of details to work out and coordinate together, you're sure to be looking for as many ways as possible to make the process a little bit easier.

Order catering for your upcoming event with delicious Giordano's foods to take some of the worries out of planning your event. All you have to do is choose which foods you want and tell us the date, time and location of your event. After that, let Giordano's take care of everything else! When you trust in Giordano's for your catering needs, you can give your attention to working out other important details of your event planning.

The Best Catering in Evanston, IL

When you're looking for excellent catering options in the Evanston, IL, area, Giordano's has got you covered! We make delicious foods everyone will love. When you hold an event with Giordano's catering, you'll turn your great event into an amazing one!

At Giordano's, we want to provide top-quality food at your event that every person on your guest list will enjoy. Here are the items we have available on our catering menu at our Evanston, IL, location:

  • Stuffed deep dish or thin crust pizza
  • Starters and side dishes
  • Salads
  • Customizable sandwich trays
  • Hot sandwich station fixings
  • Classic Italian pasta
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

With such a great selection, you can put together the perfect spread at your event. Whether you want to serve a full meal or just provide some snacks, you can find just the thing from our catering menu.

When you choose Giordano's, you can also find great options for guests that have dietary restrictions. We can even make pizzas using gluten-free dough, letting those with gluten allergies or Celiac disease have an option, too. Our salads and meat-free pizzas make excellent choices for vegetarians and vegans, as well. When you know you'll have guests with specific dietary restrictions, you can still find excellent options for them on Giordano's catering menu.

Choose Giordano's Catering for Every Event

Giordano's makes the perfect food for any type of event. Whether it's a big get-together or a smaller, more intimate gathering, a casual affair or a more formal shindig, your guests will love enjoying some Giordano's foods together.

Many events can become even better with Giordano's, such as:

  • Business events, like meetings or holiday parties
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Other parties and events

If you're planning your wedding, you want to find food you and your fiance love, as well as options your guests will enjoy, too. Giordano's stuffed deep dish pizza is an Italian crowd-pleaser almost everyone loves.

When you're planning a party celebrating and thanking your employees for all their hard work, you can create a relaxed, open feel while everyone mingles and has a great time sharing delicious Giordano's.

Our Giordano's Evanston, IL, Location

You have lots of great things to do in the Evanston, IL, area. From fun museums and breweries to outdoor activities, you won't run out of things to do here! While you're out and about trying something new or running some errands, stop by our Giordano's location to fuel up or wind down. We also offer delivery and pickup for the days when you just want to kick back at home.

Call Evanston Giordano's today at 847-475-5000 to schedule your catering.